Agarwood Exporter

Also known as Gaharu, Oud, Jin-koh, Eaglewood, Chen Xiang, Qi Nan…

Tree of mysteries and imagination, luxury and spirituality, sacred tree offered to the purist.

The hundred named tree knows how to keep his secrets.

Precious Agarwood and oud oils, I am pleased to offer you the soul of the world

Agarwood Consulting

Dear Oud lovers,


My name is Alan, I am the owner and CEO of Agarwood Consulting.I buy directly from producers and Agar hunters all over South East Asia. I am also here as an Agarwood consultant and I have created a network sellers/customers.


I spent many years in Asia building my business and network, searching only for the purest Agarwood products. I am now based 30 km from Grasse, France – the world’s capital of perfume. I travel regularly all over South East Asia always in search of the best Agarwood.


I guarantee the high quality of all my products. If you are an Agarwood aficionado in search of a true masterpiece, I will be pleased to help you to achieve your dream.


Best regards,

"Scent From Heaven", nominated for the Asian TV Awards 2016 "Best Nature & Wildlife program", in which I explain my work, my passion and my Agarwood quest.