Rare Agarwood

"The Chinese have an ancient saying that one needs an accumulation of 3 lifetimes of virtues before one would have the chance of encountering real kynam, and 8 lifetimes of merit to have the chance to use and appreciate kynam".

Kynam bracelets & rosaries


Due to the extreme rarity and the

skyrocketing price of Kynam this pure

jewels are only carved upon request. 

No fix price, no steady supply.

If you are willing to order feel free to

contact me. 


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Purple Kynam 50,9 grams


What goes around comes around... 

Sold a year and a half ago, this true beauty is back on the race!

Now 50,9 grams instead of 52 grams (my client wanted to keep a souvenir).

Amazing shape, fragrance beyond your highest expectations and sinking like a stone. 

This rarissime purple Kynam will be, without a doubt, THE show-piece of your collection.

A costly masterpiece indeed but also a great investment, Kynam's price is rising so fast! 

Certainly one of the best investment nowadays.


For sale to the highest bidder


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Purple Kynam 975 grams


A unique masterpiece sold to a very lucky collector.

What is Kynam?


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Indonesian sinking Agarwood 22,06 grams


Also called King Super grade, this beautiful piece is solid thick and fast sinking.

The fragrance is superb, syrupy, sweet, and strong.

It can be used as incense, medicine and also for carving.

This type of rare Agarwood is a gift coming right from the past.


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