Agarwood Oil

Prachinburi pearl
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Thaï Gold
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“The Sufis and Japanese Shaman use Agarwood oil in their esoteric ceremonies. It enhances mental clarity, opens the third eye and all of the upper chakras while calming the entire system”.

Prachinburi pearl


Coming from Eastern Thailand, this oud oil is

mostly sugary whilst simultaneously airy.

Top notes of green tea and citrus smoothly

followed by notes of redcurrant and blackberry.

An oud oil that I heartily recommend to Aquilaria

Subintegra lovers.


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Thaï Gold


Distilled in 2012 and aged for 5 long years, this oil

from the city of Trat is exceptionally well-

accomplished. Green top notes followed by notes

of honey, plums and cinnamon. An Oud oil to wear

on any occasion without moderation.The perfect oil

for temperate climates and mild autumn nights.


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Cambodian dream (Pursat)


I have been waiting for this oud oil  for such a long

time.I really cherish Cambodian oud, Imho one of

the best oud for sale in the market.Plums, grapes,

honey, cardamom...This oud oil is perfect for Winter.

A new best seller for sure! 


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Indian Super (new batch)


New great batch, a winner!

This oud oil is more complex and less floral than the

previous Indian Super. Wild, animalic and perfectly

balanced, this oud oil is (still) not made for the

novice.The Assam touch is well known and cherished

in the UAE. I am pleased to offer you this pure organic

Aquilaria Agallocha oud oil. 


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