Agarwood Chips

Laos Oud
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Sabah Oud
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The perfect mix
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"According to the legend, Agarwood was the only wood from the Garden of Eden that Adam and Eve were allowed to take cuttings from".


Laos Oud

You don't have to spend a fortune on Oud. 
Coming from Northern Laos this Oud has a
peppery and spicy fragrance at high
temperature, more sweet and fruity at
medium temperature. 
If you are using a traditional burner
I recommend you to put a micca plate on top
of the charcoal not to heat the Agarwood too much.
Don't be a snob, try this Oud from Laos you won't regret it.

85,00 €

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Sabah Oud


The state of Sabah in Western Borneo has

always been renowned for its great

diversity of Agarwood. 

If you are looking for spicy/peppery and

woody/grassy notes, an oud that is bubbly,

intoxicating and with an intense smoke,

these two qualities of Aquilaria Microcarpa

will meet your expectations.

These medium sized chips are perfectly

cleaned, beautifully shaped and still at an

affordable price… but be confident,

quality is there!


100,00 €

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The perfect mix


For those who would like to experiment the multiple

scents of Oud in a single order, and at a reasonable

cost, I recommend this perfect mix that includes: 

Thai, Malaysian, Cambodian, Indonesian and

Vietnamese Oud chips. 


120,00 €

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Khao Yai (Thaïland)


The very rare Khao Yai Oud has always been one of

my favorites in Thaïland. It is a very sophisticated

wood that will please connoisseurs. Notes of

hazelnuts, almond, red berries and spices blend


This Khao Yai is a must try, especially if you’re into

the Japanese Kodo style.


150,00 €

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